Leden 2014

The Agents of SHIELD (2013 - )

25. ledna 2014 v 12:54 | Hailey |  American Series
(Toto je úryvek z mého článku do Karlínských listů. Chcete celý článek? Choďte k nám na gympl! ;D Nebojte, dělám si legraci!)

Once upon a time

4. ledna 2014 v 20:11 | Hailey |  Blog
there was a girl. She screwed up. Yep, I am talking about myself and really, I am sorry. And if you are wondering why am I talking in english... I honestly have no idea. Guess I am in the "mood", because I am looking at Castle right now in english. No subtitles.
I hate some american actors, they can't talk properly to save their live. But you know, I am spoiled, everyone single person around me is talking with that sexy british accent and I envy them. I have horrenduos accent. Something like Anton Yelchin in Star Trek. In school, we had a project with girl from Georgia, she had the exact accent too - the "zhink, zhanks, zat!" Should I follow his words? Yeah, you'll about to find out.